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silicone dispensing machine silicon wafer

silicone dispensing machine silicon wafer

Technological Requirements

Flow: Gluing evenly

Precision: Accurate ratio of AB glue without no curing , slow curing or fast curing 

Thickness: Thickness evenly without any missing

Movement: Without any glue drop onto the lamp hat and lamp cup

Speed: Customize multi-head can greatly increase production capacity

Process Procedure

Solding --- mold fixing ---- glue pouring ----- curing ----- aging test ---- package  

Adhesive characteristics

Glue type: Silicon

Feature: Different glue ratio required high precision machine

Main ratio: 1:1 to 10:1

Curing condition: accurate ratio , mixing evenly

Gluing required: Glue pouring evenly to waterproof with good curing effect 

Successful Cases

Linuo Ritter International Co., Ltd

Linuo Ritter International Co., Ltd., which focuses on global business of renewable energy, is a subsidiary of Linuo Paradigma -- the first Sino-German joint venture in solar thermal market and one of the industry-leading companies in China.
Since the establishment in 2001, Linuo Paradigma has always held up to the philosophy of Solar Energy Changes Lives, and has devoted itself to the energy structure revolution leaded by Solar Energy. After 15 years' focus on development and applications of distributed renewable energy, Linuo Paradigma has walked from basic vacuum tubes and domestic solar water heater manufacture to R&D on world-leading CPC collector with German Ritter Gruppe, and then to turnkey solution supplier of renewable hot water, heating and cooling. Depending on the cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Linuo Paradigma expanded businesses to air-source heat pump in 2012, and promoted a complementary distributed renewable energy system with integration of solar system and air source heat pump.



High precicion controller ensures good glue precision;

Accurate position and movement; easy adjustment;

Good univerality

Easy program & operation;

Other functions can be available to meet up customers' requirement.



1.High precise glue controller assure glue dispensing accurately .

2. Simple operation and convenient adjustment .

3. Universal use

4.It can be customized many functions to meet up with clients’ special requirements .