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Intelligent glue potting line

The launch of the core patent "smart gluing" technology is the integration of new sensors, artificial intelligence, embedded industrial computers, vision systems, mobile Internet, big data processing, and other emerging scientific and technological achievements. Implementation of calculation, communication, control, remote coordination, autonomous 5 major functional modules. Promote customers to individual requirements, technological differences, customized production, and digital workshops to achieve intelligent gluing.

The Core patent“Intelligent Glue”Technology,which is through the physical information system(CPS),The intelligent glue equipment with other intelligent devices.between people,between the program and program,between serices and services closely interconnected;Horizontal,vertical,highly integrated between end to end.Through the intelligent equipment reforming the process flow,production mode,product structure,realize the resourse,information,equipment and people together,from intelligent glue forward to personality,custom made,the flexible wisdom factory.

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