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Vacuum Casting machine ab potting machine vacuum dispensing systemVGB-450Q

Applications:Led Display,Display Module,Electronic Products And Where Glue Potting Demanded Products
Suitable Material:One-component glue or already mixed glue ,Solder Paste, Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Black Glue, White Glue, etc



1、Vacuum Chamber
1.1 Configure security grating toughened glass , observation window, inlet and outlet with safety protection device , to ensure the safety of operators.

1.2 Digital display vacuum degree with time setting function , PLC communicate with glue mixing machine; can work automatically.
1.3 Vacuum inspect control system , 55L/s vacuum pump to assure vacuum efficiency.

2、Vacuum glue dispensing valve

2.1 Vacuum special glue valve used for glue potting and prevent glue from dropping .
2.2 Stainless steel design for glue touched parts , rod shaft sealing parts are use original import parts to keep high durability.
2.3 Vacuum valve can be washed via self-cleaning , to prevent remained glue inside and caused blocking .

3、Three axis working platform
3.1 Three axis chamber installed on the top , which is curtail the chamber volume efficiently and accelerate vacuum speed .
3.2 Touch screen operation , English & Chinese operation version , can record and display different parameter .
3.3 Program dot , line , arc , circle and some irregularity products . Glue potting files can be edit on programming or import from CAD. The program memory 99pcs . The touch screen programming support the whole column , graphical browsing , group editing and other functions.
3.4 Z axis fixed board can be adjusted up and down to adopt different work pieces on different heights , you don’t re-edit the working path , but only adjust the working path when replace the nozzles .
* Auto feeding : take use of vacuum pressure to feed materials into A&B tank separately.
* Tank Stirring : A and B tank configure with stirring motors and blades to prevent material sediment in the tank bottom .
* Heating : Tank , pipe , pumps are optional with heaters to assure the whole system can be heating from room temperature to 90°C adjustable.
* Vacuum : A &B tank vacuum for degas the bubble inside material .
* Dynamic mixing : Configuring dynamic motor and mixer to mix A and B fluids evenly.
We Daheng Automation specialize in different types of potting and dispensing system. No matter what your resin application requirements look like: we can do most of them in our fully equipped lab. We can handle 1- and 2-component polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, silicones, temperature, humidity and UV curing materials. They can be from low- to high-viscosity, filled or unfilled and even high abrasive for thermal conductivity.
1. Vacuum material-feeding system or diaphragm pump feeding system
2. High precision pump metering system
3. Dynamic/Static mixing system
4. Three-axis motion system
5. Programming control system.
Vacuum Casting machine ab potting machine vacuum dispensing systemVGB-450Q