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PGB-5100cnc 3 axis automatic glue dispenser auto epoxy machine potting equipment

Applications:1.LED products: LED display , led screen , outdoor wall washer , outdoor rigid light , underground lamp , underwater light . 2.Electronics parts : Micro-electronics, inductors, transformers, ballasts, electronic coils, transformers, relays, loudspeakers, heat kettles, inductors and so on . 3. Electric vehicle: auto lamp ,generator, clutch, air conditioner filter, oil filter, car control card, horn, flasher , electric vehicle accessories. 4.Communications parts : Communication box 5.Water treatment: Water filter , water meter and so on . Other products need glue potting process .
Suitable Material:AB crystal glue: Glue dropping application and potting application. AB glue potting for isolation (with fillers): Two components silicone , two parts of PU, AB glue epoxy and so on .



Features and Benefits:
1. The glue potting system are for AB component materials for metering, mixing and potting .
2. Accurated metering and evenly mixing helps to avoid possible waste of glue.
3. Dispensing size and positioning keep consistently and fastly.
4. Good universality makes our machine suitable for applications of LED, electric and others glue potting and dispensing needed.
5. Easy to program and operate.
6.Fast metering & mixing and running speed keep potting with high efficiency.
7. Tally function, non-standard mode, tank level alert, filter mode, liquid display device, preventing backflow device and other functional device.
* Mixing ratio :100:100-100:10 adjustable . Dynamic or static mixing mode are optional .
* Tank liquid level sensor :Tank liquid level alarm helps remind glue level line in tank and supplement materials immediately.
* Vacuum filling:The machine can automatically feeding material by using of the negative pressure of AB vacuum tank .
* Vacuum degas:Vacuum defoaming can remove the bubbles contained in the material,and this degas system can satisfy different fluid mixing and potting .
* Heating:Heating helps glue, especially PU and epoxy, to quickly reduce viscosity in cold weather, increase flow speed, and improve glue filling efficiency.
* Self-cleaning :Automatic cleaning can quickly clean the mixing tube and prevent the mixture from solidifying
* Self-discharging:Automatic discharging can discharge the mixture that is about to be solidified in time to prevent the mixture from solidifying in the mixing tube.
II Metering working Principle
The machine will have two tanks for keeping Liquid A & B separately.
There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with
each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data .
Electronics are increasingly present in our lives,these technologies all use a wide array
of components – sensors, actuators, central processing units (CPUs), printed circuit boards (PCB), etc. – that need to be protected against environmental factors such as dust and moisture, as well as fluids and heat and fire exposure. Our 2 component application equipment is the the good machine for potting and encapsulating vary parts and products, which apply different production processes required metering , mixing , dosing , dispensing and potting with high accuracy and high efficiency
PGB-5100cnc 3 axis automatic glue dispenser auto epoxy machine potting equipment