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PGB-200LOCA bonding technology one component UV material uv glue dispensing machine

Applications:1.LED products: LED display , led screen , outdoor wall washer , outdoor rigid light , underground lamp , underwater light . 2.Electronics parts : Micro-electronics, inductors, transformers, ballasts, electronic coils, transformers, relays, loudspeakers, heat kettles, inductors and so on . 3. Electric vehicle: auto lamp ,generator, clutch, air conditioner filter, oil filter, car control card, horn, flasher , electric vehicle accessories. 4.Communications parts : Communication box 5.Water treatment: Water filter , water meter and so on . Other products need glue potting process .
Suitable Material:AB crystal glue: Glue dropping application and potting application. AB glue potting for isolation (with fillers): Two components silicone , two parts of PU, AB glue epoxy and so on .



Strong versatility / Multiple configuration / High production capacity / High precision


1,Auto feeding : take use of vacuum pressure to feed materials into A&B tank separately.

2,Tank Stirring : A and B tank configure with stirring motors and blades to prevent material sediment in the tank bottom .

3,Heating : Tank , pipe , pumps are optional with heaters to assure the whole system can be heating from room temperature to 90°C adjustable.

4,Vacuum : A &B tank vacuum for degas the bubble inside material .

5,Dynamic mixing : Configuring dynamic motor and mixer to mix A and B fluids evenly.



Mixing ratio

1:1--10:1 adjustable

Working range


Displacement speed


Out-glue speed

1-24g/s(base on the glue ratio)


±2%(output volume)±2%(mixing)



Flow control

Digital input

Program memory


Motion trail

Dot , line ,curve ,circle

Automatic controlling system

Touch screen (to achieve program programming, modification, storage and so on


Out-glue control system

AB glue back suction valve, achieve AB glue independent operation


 Tech programming

Mixing method

dynamic mixing

Power supply


Air source


Viscosity range


Outer dimension

1500L*1200W*1600H mm

A tank

25L stainless tank(optional)

B tank

10L stainless tank(optional)


AB tank ,A pump,AB pipeline heating function

1,Accurated metering and even mixing helps to avoid the waste of material.

2,Dispensing volume and positioning keep machine work consistent and fast.

3,Good universality

4,Easy to program and operate.

5,Tally function, non-standard mode, primer mode, level alert, filter mode, liquid display device, preventing back-flow device and other functional device._20220726150647

PGB-200LOCA bonding technology one component UV material uv glue dispensing machine
Guangzhou Daheng Automation Equipment CO., Ltd is specialized in the R&D and sale of glue metering, mixing and dispensing machinery.

We believe in “the creation improves future”. Core technology is the only true creation. The e core of all the liquid controlling device is its metering and mixing system. Daheng, always taking its continuous efforts in the new technology, new products and new working process, created its unique tech “double- cylinder pump”, which is a liquid control system of high precision, changeable, continuous and long span time, and can be applied with glues of different viscosity. The core technology makes us the first pioneer in the gluing machine industry which passed CE certificate, SGS. We have over 20 patents, many original products and many “first” in the industry.

Including the standard machines we already have, we also accept customized services. We,headed in Guangzhou, and branched in Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and exported into Russia, Turkey, Netherland, Singapore, Indonesia and so on. We provide the on-going train-up for customers, 24 hours x 7 days service, and keep ourselves being improved on and on.

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