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Desktop glue dispensing equipment SZD300

Applications:Electronic appliances , LED encapsulation , Crafts and so on
Suitable Material:UV, solder paste, epoxy, silicone, PU, black glue, white glue

Desktop Glue Dispenser's features: 1、Module design  2、Optional itinerary  3、High speed, high precision  4、Desktop design easy to place



1、Module design

2、Optional itinerary

3、High speed, high precision

4、Desktop design easy to place


3 axis working area:300*300*100mm/400*400*100mm/500*500*100mm

Movment Track:Dot/Line/Arc/Circle


Speed300mm/sMovement speed



Input pressure0.5MPa-0.7MPa

Glue type: one component adhesive


Programming method: teaching programming

Power supply: 220V/50Hz/1200W ( Test under heating unction is not power on)

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.

Advantage of automatic glue dispensing equipment:

1. Fully automatic operation, accurate proportion and even mixing

2. Glue dosing while mixing, no waste of glue and no waste of consumables. Precise dosing and dispensing.

3. The glue amount of the product is consistent and good. The edge of the machine is clean without glue.

4. Machine glue dosing save much time and effective and lower cost

5. There is no need for glue pouring staff, only one operator is needed to complete the mass production

Normally technical issues should be solved to choose the glue potting machine

1. Ratio between the base agent and hardener: 1:1 or 10:1

2. Fillers:Abrasive the base agent includes percentage of additives and fillings such as aluminum oxide, or silica powder, in order to increase the hardness or heat conduction 

3. The mixed liquid is abrasive, cause big friction to the pump.

4. Need to vacuum to remove the air bubble inside

5. Not easy to mix the two components evenly.

6. Vacuum: to remove the air bubble inside the adhesive;

7. Self-cleaning;

8. Heating: pre-heat the resin before used

9. Dynamic Mixing Method to mix evenly;

10. Daheng Patent Metering Pump: anti-abrasive, long life span; high precision;Multi-nozzle: to improve capacity.

11. High Precision Valve;

12. Quality & Strict position control system.

13. Multi-head nozzle available.