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Product List

Epoxy dispensing machine SZD-300

Brand: D&H
Applications:The electronics, LED, crafts and where glue dispense demanded products.
Suitable Material:One-component glue or already mixed glue ,Solder Paste, Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Black Glue, White Glue, etc



1. High precicion controller ensures good glue precision;

2. Accurate position and movement; easy adjustment;

3. Good univerality

4. Easy program & operation;

5. Other functions can be available to meet up customers' requirement.




Working Area(XYZ): 300*300*100mm, or customized;

Running Path: dot,line, arc ,circle....

Moving Speed: 0-300mm/s adjustable

Repeatability: ±1%

Mixing Accuracy: ±1%

Tank Capacity: 55ml, 200ml,300ml 2.6Lor customized

Gluing Speed: 5-66g/5s adjustable

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Power Input: AC220V 50-60Hz or customized

Dimension: 500*400*400mm

Weight: 60KG roughly


1. Put the adhesive into the syringe, cover it with the lid, install it onto the fixture

2. Edit the program according to the demanded running path and save the program when it finished.

3.Adjust the controller according to demanded glue amount in the unit product, and save the data when setting is finished.

4. Make trial production to check if everything goes well;


Epoxy dispensing machine


Technical Data

Working Area:200*200*30mm, or customized;

Running Path:dot, circle, pulse signal,

Movement Speed:0-300mm/s

Repeatability: ±0.001ML

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa


Metering Method:Pneumatic

Movement Accuracy:±1%

Power Input:AC220V 50-60Hz

Size: 500*400*400mm