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CNC gluing machine PJL-1500

Brand: D&H
Applications:Capacitor, power supply, transformers, ignition coil, ignition coil, ballast and other products which need to be glued
Suitable Material:Two-component liquid (AB),silicon, epoxy , Polyurethane



CNC gluing machine
1.Automatic metering and mixing, touch screen PLC control system, English operation interface allow easy to set parameters;

2. Big LCD screen displays various processing data;;
3. Gluing speed and timing can be set;
6. Mixing ratio 1:1-1:10 and gluing volume can be set and adjusted as per actual need. Dynamic mixing ensure two component glue to be mixed to a fully homogeneous consistency;
7. Metering, mixing simultaneously;
8. Two tanks keep A glue and B glue separately;
9. Liquid level sensor, alarm function; 
10. Tank stirring and vacuum defoaming function optional;
11. Auto cleaning; The cleaning mode can be manually or automatically, manual mode just remove the mixing tube then soak into cleaning agent, after 10 min take out and clean with compressed air, Automatic mode only need to operate the cleaning switch on touch screen within 1 minute to complete;
12. Glue tank/metering pump/glue pipe heating function (optional);
13. Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping;
14. Unique control system which will not influenced by air pressure factor, ensures optimal dispensing performance; 
15. XYZ axis can be programmed to dispense glue along desired patterns. 
16. Tally function, non-standard mode, primer mode, level alert, filter mode, liquid display device, preventing back-flow device and other functional device.

Suitable Glue :
AB crystal glue: Glue dropping application and potting application.
AB glue potting for isolation (with fillers): Two components silicone , two parts of PU, AB glue epoxy and so on .

Application of crystal glue:

  1. Surface gluing flexible strips Photo albums, Mosaic tiles, stickers, badges, refrigerator stickers, bra buttons, insoles, snowboard, tile stickers and other crafts.
  2. Crystal glue potting for isolation: LED resin word, small module, underwater lamp, vase , digital tube and other products that need to potting for isolation .
Application of filler glue potting:
1.LED products: LED display , led screen , outdoor wall washer , outdoor rigid light , underground lamp , underwater light .
2.Electronics parts : Micro-electronics, inductors, transformers, ballasts, electronic coils, transformers, relays, loudspeakers, heat kettles, inductors and so on .
3. Electric vehicle: auto lamp ,generator, clutch, air conditioner filter, oil filter, car control card, horn, flasher , electric vehicle accessories.
4.Communications parts : Communication box
5.Water treatment: Water filter , water meter and so on .
Other products need potting process .

Adjustable Ratio 1 1 ---101
Output Speed 0.5g/s --15g/s
Mixing accuracy +/-2%
Program memory 20pcs
Viscosity 300cps~50000cps
Operation mode manual / automatic/ Third party signal
Ratio control PLC/double cylinder plunger pump
Flow control Digital input
Program mode Tech program
Control system Touch screen and trigger
Mixed mode Dynamic mixing (with self-cleaning function)
Glue Tank Stainless tank A and stainless tank B
Voltage 220V/50Hz/3500W
Input air pressure 0.4MPa—0.7MPa

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.


Advantage of CNC gluing machine:

1. Semi automatic operation, accurate proportion and even mixing

2. Glue dosing while mixing, no waste of glue and no waste of consumables. Precise dosing and dispensing.

3. The glue amount of the product is consistent and good. The edge of the machine is clean without glue.

4. Machine glue dosing save much time and effective and lower cost

5. There is no need for glue pouring staff, only one operator is needed to complete the mass production

Normally technical issues should be solved to choose the glue potting machine

1. Ratio between the base agent and hardener: 1:1 or 10:1

2. Fillers:Abrasive the base agent includes percentage of additives and fillings such as aluminum oxide, or silica powder, in order to increase the hardness or heat conduction 

3. The mixed liquid is abrasive, cause big friction to the pump.

4. Need to vacuum to remove the air bubble inside

5. Not easy to mix the two components evenly.

6. Vacuum: to remove the air bubble inside the adhesive;

7. Self-cleaning;

8. Heating: pre-heat the resin before used

9. Dynamic Mixing Method to mix evenly;

10. Daheng Patent Metering Pump: anti-abrasive, long life span; high precision;Multi-nozzle: to improve capacity.

11. High Precision Valve;

12. Quality & Strict position control system.

13. Multi-head nozzle available.