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Automatic gluing machine PGB-1500

Brand: D&H
Applications:LED Rigid strip , Wall washer , line light , power supply, other electronic products where glue potting demanded
Suitable Material:A&B Glue , Silicon , Epoxy , Polyurethane...etc



1, Glue controlling system of metering, mixing and potting.

2, Accurate metering and even mixing helps to avoid the waste of glue.

3, Dispensing size and positioning keep machine work consistent and fast.

4, Good universality makes PGB-1500 machine suitable for applicationsLED Rigid strip , Wall washer , line light , power supply

5, Easy to program and operate.

6, Tally function, non-standard mode, primer mode, level alert, filter mode, liquid display device, preventing back-flow device and other functional device.



Automatic gluing machine 
Working Area
: 1500*480*30/80mm, or customized

Mixing Method: Dynamic or Static, optional

Running Path: dot,line, arc ,circle....

Moving Speed: 0-300mm/s adjustable

Repeatability: ±1%

Mixing Accuracy: ±1%

Tank Capacity: A&B : 10L,25L ,40L optional or customized

ABRatio: 1:1;2:1 - 10:1 optional

Gluing Speed: 5-66g/5s adjustable

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Power Input: AC220V 50-60Hz or customized

Dimension: 1960*1000*1720mm

Weight: 589 KG roughly

Metering pumps: Daheng double cylinder plunger pumps ,screw pumps or gear pumps

Functions additional:Vacuum,self-refilling , heat, tank stir ; dynamic mixing; auto-cleaning .

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.


What is glue potting machine ?

Glue potting machine what we call A&B glue potting machine , double liquid potting machine or two-component glue potting machine . It is a fully automatic liquid controlling machine which can be sealed,fixed products with waterproof by dispensing , coating ,potting glue to the surface or internal of products . We normally use two-component glue . Glue potting machine can be worked on irregular graphics including dot , line ,arc , circle and so on . It is mainly use for adhesive , filling, coating and sealing .

Automatic gluing machine always use two-component liquid what we call AB glue . Glue A is main glue and glue B is curing liquid . Of course it is same with one-component . The most widely used glue in the market are epoxy, polyurethane, silicon and other glue with ratio on 1:1、2:1、5:1、4:3、10:1 .

PGB700 glue potting machine

Glue Potting machine operating principle

1.Put A&B glue into A&B tanks , Tank A and B are with the function to assure glue in good condition .

2.It is use two metering pumps to precise gluing and make sure glue A&B dispense the corresponding weight evenly .

3. Mixing glue A&B evenly through mixed device and automatically positioning by editing the glue trajectory through corresponding mechanical hand.

4. It is setting the corresponding quantitative glue and program to realize automatically positioning to satisfy the glue process .

Two questions before purchase

1.What’s type of glue do you use ? What’s the base characteristic ?

A)One-component or two-component (A&B glue);

B)What is the AB ratio if two-component.

C) What’s the viscosity and density .

D)How long does it start to curing , and what is the completely curing time .

E)What’s the packing of the glue .

2.What’s the glue process technological requirement ?

A)What is the glue accuracy with each product ?

B)What’s the purpose of gluing ? Filling , sealing ,paste,insulation, moisture proof ?

C)How to glue the product .