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Technological Requirements

Flow: Gluing evenly

Precision: Accurate ratio of AB glue without no curing , slow curing or fast curing 

Thickness: Thickness evenly without any missing

Movement: Without any glue drop onto the lamp hat and lamp cup

Speed: Customize multi-head can greatly increase production capacity

Process Procedure

Insert the lamp --- soldering ---- Install the driver board-----adjust board ----glue pouring -----Fixed lamp plate---- On housing----Aging test 

Adhesive characteristics

Glue type: Silicon

Feature: Different glue ratio required high precision machine

Main ratio: 10:1

Curing condition: accurate ratio , mixing evenly

Gluing required: Glue pouring evenly to waterproof with good curing effect and no drop onto led

Successful Cases

Thorn Lighting

Thorn Lighting, the subsidiary corporation of Zumtobel, is the world famous and high regarded company who is concentrate on led indoor and outdoor lighting equipment. In 1996, the company invested two factories with different production lines in China. Tianjin thorn is focus on research road and tunnel lighting products while Guangzhou thorn ‘s products with widely application which can be meet up with all clients’ lighting requirement.

Thorn Lighting


It is a fully automatic liquid controlling system for metering and mixing;

Mix glue A & B evenly;

Precise movement with high speed and easy adjustment;

Can be universally used for different products;

Easy program and operation;

Memory function, non-regular mode, liquid-level warning;

More functions can be available to meet up with customer's requriement.



1. It is fully automatic unattended operation with accuracy metering which can achieve adhesive glue integration and automatic positioning feeding.

2. Mix glue A&B evenly .

3. Precise movement with high speed and easy adjustment;

4. Can be universally used for different product such as Capacitors, transformers, power supply, reversing radar, circuit board and so on


Accurately ratio , fully automatic glue mixing .

Mixing evenly .

Simple adjustment with labor operation

Universal , widely use for Capacitance, reversing radar, circuit board and so on

Memory function , self-cleaning , vacuuming , and Liquid level warning

More functions can be customized to meet up customers' special requirements.