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Intelligent vision piezoelectric table top gluing machine SZV441

Applications:photovoltaic cell panel, LSR Primer waterproof seal, fingerprint module, touch screen trilateral seal assembly, automobile component assembly, speaker set assembly, sprayable UV glue, three anti-glue, lubricating oil Tuffy blue glue, keyboard paint, conductive silver glue, Underfill glue, ink,
Suitable Material:Single component epoxy,UV,silane coupling agent,Red glue,elargol

● Rigorous, scientific, the latest piezoelectric driving device, fast switching, software correction and adjustment performance. ●Stable and reliable dispensing, excellent gel release accuracy, no hanging glue, bubble, scatter point and other problems ● Suitable for low / medium / high viscosity media (such as water, Primer,Tuffy, silver paste, ink, paint, UV, epoxy resin, etc.).  ●Can be used for SMT red glue, hot melt adhesive, paste medium, etc. ●Widely used in mobile phone 3C, solar photovoltaic, LSR waterproof parts, semiconductors, automotive parts assembly, pharmaceutical preparations, underwear clothing, food betel nut, aerospace military industry and many other fields  ●Superior quality, strictly control product quality with military standards ●Each model has independent intellectual property rights, customers can rest assured to provide system training for customers. ● high quality after-sales service



  • Less consumables, economical price, convenient maintenance and maintenance of piezoelectric ceramics
  •  long service life, up to 600 million times
  • High speed: maximum injection speed 3000 times / second
  • High precision: always keep the size of glue point consistent, volume error less than 1%, linewidth 0.35 mm, minimum glue particle size 0.3mm
  • Piezoelectric driver, fast switching, The software correction and adjustment adopts the rapid disassembly nozzle design, which can be adjusted electronically to eliminate the movement of the Z-axis, without the need to accurately locate the height and faster spraying speed.
  • Good consistency between points, excellent process control
Category Parameter
Dimension L 740mm W 730mm H 460mm
Working area X 400mm Y 400mm Z 100mm
repeatability X ±0.03mm Y ±0.03mm Z ±0.05mm
Running speed X           300 mm/s Y 300 mm/s Z 100 mm/s
Accuracy 0.01ml
Power About 1500W
Weight About 70kg
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Air source 0.5MPa---0.7MPa
Motion and positioning system Positioning Technical grade CCDas per visual and Motion Control Software of PC
Quantity 1 set   pixel 6,000,000 .
Working environment
Suitable materials
Time of change model
Temperature 040℃, humidity 1090%(No crystal)
Single component epoxyUV silane coupling agentRed glueelargol

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.

table top gluing machine The invention relates to a high-precision micro-piezoelectric injection point glue valve, a controller and a heating module. Not only is widely used in the mobile phone outer frame, the camera, the SMT, the FPC, the PCB assembly, the LSR waterproof piece. It can also be used in many fields such as semi-conductive LED packaging machine, solar photovoltaic, flat panel display assembly, automobile component assembly, Primer water-proof, hot melt adhesive, UV glue, solder paste and so on.
Brief introduction and Industry Application of piezoelectric injection glue dispensing Valve