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Product List

Large Vision Visual Glue Potting Machine PGV-502

Applications: Led Display,Display Module,Electronic Products And Where Glue Potting Demanded Products
Suitable Material:One-component glue or already mixed glue ,Solder Paste, Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Black Glue, White Glue, etc



1、Intelligent identification of multiple products

2、Automatically generate gluing path

3、Double CCD view

4、Double stations, automatic circulation and continuous gluing

5、Modular design for easy maintenance

XYZ working area:550*500*100mm(double movetrack)

Speed:1000mm/s(Movement speed)

CCD resolution: 0.05mm

Accuracy:±0.01mm±2%(potting) ±2%(mixing)

In the distance 300mm±0.02mm(Repeatability)

Drive mode: TBI Grinding screw ,Silver KK module,Panasonic servo.

Movement Track:Dot/Line/Arc/Circle any other shape

Programming interface: Win 7

Input pressure:0.5MPa-0.7MPa

Targeting method: Double CCD visual

Visual system: software of visual fixing

Glue out speed:1-12 g/s

Meter control system:PLC/Gear pump/Screw pump/Double cylinder plunger pump

Ratio: 100:100 to 100:10

Viscosity:50cps-30000cps(Glue can be heated to decrease viscosity)

Glue control system: AB glue suction valve to achieve independent operation of AB glue

Mixed mode: dynamic and static optional, instant mixing, easy to clean

Tank:stainless steel(40L)、(25L)、(10L)optional

Power supply: 220V/50Hz/30000W (Power consumption without heater)

Optional function:  dispensing system

Weight: 1300KG


Operation Method:Manual/Automatic

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.