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Vision glue machine PGV501

Applications:The electronics, LED, crafts and where glue dispense demanded products.
Suitable Material:AB crystal glue: Glue dropping application and potting application. AB glue potting for isolation (with fillers): Two components silicone , two parts of PU, AB glue epoxy and so on .



CCD Visual glue machine:
  1. Ultra - high precision double cylinder plunger pump, glue stable and easy to use. Daheng core patent plunger pump technology, with unique, innovative, practical, advanced; A new generation of fluid measurement ratio control with high accuracy, variable, uninterrupted and long life is realized.
  2. The machine has automatic glue dispensing function, can match 1:1 to 10:1 within the two-component glue, can automatically match, automatic mixing, automatic mixing, automatic completion of the machine, do not need manual matching, is an online type of glue dispensing, to fill the amount of glue, how much glue dispensing, dispensing good glue is immediately to the product .
  3. High-precision CCD vision capture and positioning, high-precision imported servo screw three-coordinate linear manipulator mobile device, to achieve high-precision positioning control, accuracy ±0.03mm
  4. Motion control card: high-speed dot and line drawing and various irregular motion control; Teaching programming is adopted . 
  5. Various of needles:glue mixing and dispensing evenly . 
  6. Alarm function: the drums of A and B are equipped with alarm and induction devices of lower position
  7. Vacuum feeding: both barrel A and barrel B can automatically vacuum feeding, which is helpful to eliminate air bubbles
  8. Diaphragm pump feeding: A, B drums can automatically feed diaphragm pump
  9. Automatic cleaning: the mixed part of AB adhesive is automatically cleaned with gas and liquid .
  10. Anti-curing procedure, the machine can set the glue interval time according to the time of glue curing, to prevent the glue curing caused by the occasional stop during the working time, causing the machine to block up.
Glue mixing ratio 100:100—100:10 Optional
Working area 600X*600(Y)*100mm(Z)effective:400mmX))
Working path Dot, line , arc , circle
Positioning method CCD Visual capture positioning
Vision system Visual capture and positioning system software
Motor Servo motor (Japan), lead screw + slider (Taiwan brand)
Production line function Optional matching function of production line (customized production line according to customers' products)
Speed 500mm/sdisplacement speed1-12ml/sSingle pump glue rate
Accuracy ±0.03mm repeatability±2%potting±2%mixing
Glue discharge Automatic origin/fixed point glue discharge
safety Front door/safety grating
Program memory 99pcs
Input air pressure 0.5MPa—0.7MPa
Viscosity 50cps~Paste
Operation mode Manual /Automatic
Ratio PLC/ plunger pump/gear pump/screw pump
Flow Digital input
Teaching mode Teaching programming
automatic control system PCTouch screen (realize program programming, modification, storage, etc
Out-glue control system AB glue suction valve, realize AB glue independent operation
Mixing mode Dynamic and static optional, instant mixing, convenient cleaning
Tank Stainless Steel40L)、(25L)、(10Loptional
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1.5kWwithout heater
Dimension 1900mm×1650 mm×2100mm
Line body height 850-950Can be customized
Line body width Max 550mm(Vision 400mm)can be customized
The conveyor line body Belt/double chain / roller
Line body load As per production
Positioning clamping position
Blocking cylinder 3 pcs (default)
According to the instructions issued by the control system, the dispensing machine completes the dispensing and conveying of glue to the mixing system, and the CCD visual capture gives the command. The three-axis manipulator carries the mixing system part, and the quantitative positioning is carried out at the same time. The mixing part of the equipment is equipped with the automatic cleaning function.
CCD Visual glue machine are the fully automatic glue potting machine launched by Daheng automation. This machine is aiming at epoxy resin , polyurethane, silicone and other two-component materials for materials mixing and automatic perfusion. The equipment has the characteristics of accurate proportioning and quantitative consistency ,which can improve the quality and output of production . It can be equipped with dual-liquid mixing equipment to improve the efficiency of perfusion . In addition, it can be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as assembly line , baking path and multi -station rotating platform .