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Glue dispenser machine price PJL800

Applications:Capacitor, power supply, transformers, ignition coil, ignition coil, ballast and other products which need to be glued
Suitable Material:AB crystal glue: Glue dropping application and potting application. AB glue potting for isolation (with fillers): Two components silicone , two parts of PU, AB glue epoxy and so on .



  1. Vertical design
  2. Modular design, easy maintenance
  3. Multiple configurations available
Glue mixing machine 100:100—100:10 optional
Control mode Manual mode
Precision 2%mixing glue
Program memory 20pcs
Input pressure 0.5MPa—0.7MPa
Glue viscosity /25℃ 1cps~30000cps
Operation mode Manual
Ratio control PLC/ double cylinder plunger pump
Flow control Digital input
Automatic controlling system PLC/Touch screen (Realize programming, modification, storage, etc.)
Out-glue controlling system AB glue suction valve ensure AB glue running separately
Mixing method Static or dynamic optional./ Instant mixing and easy to clean
Storage tank system Stainless tank 25L)、(10Loptional
Power supply 230V/50Hz/1200W
Dimension                    850mm×800mm×1800mm

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.

Virtical glue dispenser machine price and advantage

1、Accurated metering and even mixing helps to avoid the waste of material.
2、Dispensing volume and positioning keep machine work consistent and fast.
3、Good universality
4、Easy to program and operate.
5、Tally function, non-standard mode, primer mode, level alert, filter mode, liquid display device, preventing back-flow device and other functional device.


1. Potting&Encapsulation &Casting: electronics components , PCB board, Capacitor, power supply, transformer, ignition coil, reverse sensor, circuit board, electronic ballast , motor , art mold ,aviation parts, aerospace parts . 2. Dispensing&Dosing: LED strip , led lamp , led bulb , aluminum,led screen , display module / medical parts,medical liquid , filling ... 3. Bonding&doming: LCD screen ,LOCA bonding,ABS plastic / different types of stickers , badge , keychains , souvenirs ,arts ,photo frame , and other arts graphics .