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Automatic glue machine PGB-810

Applications:Capacitor, power supply, transformers, ignition coil, ignition coil, ballast and other products which need to be glued
Suitable Material:One-component glue or already mixed glue ,Solder Paste, Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Black Glue, White Glue, etc



1、Intelligent meter , remote operation

2、Flexible manufacturing system

3、Real time monitoring

4、Accessible MES system 


Automatic glue machine

Dimension: 1650*1250*1700mm

XYZ working area: 700*700*100mm

AB ratio: 100:100-100:10 adjustable

Movement Track: Dot/Line/Arc/Circle

Speed: 500mm/s (Movement speed) 1-12g/s (gluing out speed)

Accuracy: ±0.03mm (Repeatability) ±2% (potting) ±2% (mixing)

Program: 99pcs/more

Input pressure: 0.5MPa-0.7MPa

Viscosity: 50cps-30000cps (Glue can be heated to decrease viscosity)

Operation Method: Manual/Automatic

Meter Pump: Gear pump/Screw pump/Double cylinder plunger pump

Flow Control: Digital Input

Programming method: teaching programming

Automated control system: PLC / touch screen (programming, modification, storage, etc.)

Glue control system: AB glue suction valve to achieve independent operation of AB glue

Mixed mode: dynamic and static optional, instant mixing, easy to clean

Tank:stainless steel(40L)、(25L)、(10L)optional

Power supply: 220V/50Hz/1200W ( The power consumption without heater)

Liquid A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine, draining out liquids individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.

Automatic glue machine application:

1.Potting&Encapsulation &Casting: electronics componnets , PCB board, Capacitor, power supply, transformer, ignition coil, reverse sensor, circuit board, filter products ,underwater parts, electronic ballast ,aviation parts, aerospace parts....

2.Dispensing&Dosing : LED strip , led lamp , led bulb , aluminum,led screen , display module ,medical parts,medical liquid filling ....

3.Bonding&doming : LCD screen ,LOCA bonding,ABS plastic,different types of stickers , badge , keychains , souvenirs ,arts , photo frame , and other arts graphics....