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glue dispensing machine Energy saving lamp

glue dispensing machine Energy saving lamp

Technological Requirements

Flow: Gluing evenly

Precision: Accurate ratio of AB glue without no curing , slow curing or fast curing

Thickness: Glue pouring evenly without missing

Movement: accurately movement without glue drop onto lamp cup or lamp hat

Speed: Customize multi-head can greatly increase production capacity

Process Procedure

Put on the plastic shell ----- put on glass tube----- glue dispensing ---- heating and curing ---- block lamp base ---- aging test 

Adhesive characteristics

Glue type: Energy saving glue  

Feature: Different ratio and high additive glue required high precision gluing

Curing condition: spontaneous curing

Gluing required: Glue dispense evenly with good glue curing effect 

Successful Cases

OPPLE lighting

OPPLE established in 1996, which is a R&D and marketing comprehensive lighting enterprise. After 18 years of development, OPPLE with headquarter in Shanghai and many other production bases including zhongshan industrial park and wujiang industrial park have staff more than 6000. OPPLE produce including LED, traditional light source, lamp, electrical engineering and electric apparatus and suspended ceiling.

OPPLE lighting